Thursday, 8 December 2016

You Won't Believe The Letter This Fan Wrote To Music Sensation, Yemi Alade

Oyinlola Damilola, based in the Philippines, is an ardent fan of Yemi Alade. He wrote one of the cutest notes to a celebrity in recent times. Read what he wrote after the cut...

And even though he noted that his desire to marry the singer was only wishful thinking on his part, he has requested just 3 hours of her time.

He wrote:

from me oyinlola DamilolaHello mam,this is my second Account am Using to write to you but I guess u never saw the first one cos I know u Not a snub, I hope u get to see this one. Mam am writing to you to Just to let you know you got a great FAN which is me. I like you a lot, from your Song FIMISILE to TUM BUM, you got a big space in my heart. I once told my mum If I Grow older I will marry you Buh twas a Childish thinking tho. Am Not Writing for you to follow back,Nahh all I want is 3 hours of your time even tho we might not see face to face cos am in the Philippines and u might be In UK Or Nigeria so we might not be able to see,Buh I will be really glad if you can spare me That three hours ONLINE ion care if its Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Or any medium you want. Just please give a Fan 3hours to chat with You that’s all I ask… I have sent a DM to your Instagram and Am sure its gonna be on your Message request please try checking up… God bless you mama Africa💯💯.

Thumbs up to @salihu_jnr @dami_cray @beatzbymola @nicosneh for the Courage to write this…..” 

Do you think Yemi Alade will reply to this?

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