Saturday, 12 November 2016

What Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel Said About The Bible Will Leave You In Tears!

Majid Michel was at the airport to board a flight from Lagos when a pretty lady hooked up with him questioning him about the Bible....but you won't believe his response!

The lady who questioned him

He took to his SM platform to share with us his response....

I was leaving Lagos with an early flight this morning and as i waited at the airport, i met with a pretty young lady, who happens to be an Agnostic. We were engaged in a conversation for about an hour and she asked me some questions i would like to share with you . 

She asked ,...How do you know the Bible is True?
i told her what i used to think about the Bible and my opinion those days was that the Bible was a nice book with some poetry and religious history about dealings of some sort of Supreme Being with people who were superstitious enough to believe that He existed. i believed that since the Bible was written by men who were human, the Bible was subject to human error. 

Then i asked her ... Do you believe the history books that were written by humans? Do you believe the history books you learnt in school? i told her ...Well i believe that Julius Caesar conquered Pompey in 44 B.C. i believe that Marcus Aurelius ruled Rome in 280 A.D. i believe that the Declaration of the Independence of America was signed in 1776, and that the French Revolution broke out thirteen years later. 

If i believe in every word without doubt in those history books that were written by imperfect men, why can't i believe in the Bible that was written by godly men? It is astonishing that the Bible was written by forty men over a period of 1600 years, yet their writings are compatible, in agreement, in one accord, related, consistent, orderly and harmonious. 

How Do i Know That Jesus Existed? Ok... do you believe that the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates lived? do you also know that we have only one ancient writing about him? Just one writing about Socrates and it was by Plato. So you believe in Socrates because of only one ancient writer? Ok ! Jesus has four major accounts of his life plus many other minor references. Why do you believe in Socrates and not in Jesus? this makes me understand that your unbelief is not intellectual, rather it is emotional or spiritual. i also understand that your intellectual arguments are standing on very shaky ground. 

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