Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Check Out The Incredible Testimonies Emanating From COZA!

COZA, with the presence of Pastor Benny Hinn, has been on fire for few days now....and you won't believe the testimonies coming out of the church! Check them out after the cut...

The church shared the incredible testimonies on their SM platform:
There was also a mighty move of the Holy Spirit with various signs following. Here are some of the recorded instant testimonies:1.A lady got healed of asthma.2. A lady who has suffered from migraine for 3 years received her healing.3. A lady who had a spinal cord injury for 10 years and couldn't walk as a result of it received her healing.4. A gentleman who used to experience some demonic activities around him felt something strange leave him.5. A lady who had diabetes for several years and experienced pains all over her body received her healing.6. A 52 year old lady who has had diabetes for the past 15 years and couldn't walk without aid began to walk.7. A lady who had ovarian cancer and had her womb and ovaries removed was confined to a wheel chair walked to the glory of God.8. A gentleman who had a surgery on his left eye early this year and could only see shadows afterwards received his healing.9. A lady who was diagnosed with cancer on both breasts received her healing.10. A lady who was paralyzed on one side of her body and couldn't walk on her feet as a result of shingles received her healing.
We give all glory to God.#Miracles #WWM #ServiceHighlights #BennyHinnInCOZA #WWM #Tuesday #November1 #2016 #COZA #TheWealthyPlace #COZANigeria #AllThingsNew

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