Monday, 17 October 2016

Nigeria's Biggest Gospel Music Label, ROX Nation Launches New Logo

Republic Of Xtreme (Rox) Nation, one of Nigeria's biggest gospel music label, has launches a new logo....that kick-starts a new beginning!

Tim Godfrey took to his social media to make the announcement...
Can you remember when it all started? From the smallest kingdom circle and now training the current artistry of Nigeria that are dominating the music scene. We moved on to rebranding the musicianship of Nigeria And creating a ripple effect through out a whole continent with our Sound.
Not to forget We fought for women all over the nation,by creating Broadway pieces that resonated in millions of hearts ...#JourneyBegins#Ewuro
We had concerts that has blessed our generation as we still recieve testimonies from far and wide... #fearless We can never forget how it all started. THE REPUBLIC OF XTREME - ROX Rox is an extremely innovative entertainment and lifestyle company. We have been pioneers for over a dozen years. Join to celebrate as we are really excited to announce the launch of our new logo which signifies a new phase/Season of life changing ventures in ministry and of course entertainment. We present you ROX NATION's new logo!As we birth the new Record Label.,if you are gifted and talented get ready for the next announcement in the month of November!

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