Sunday, 9 October 2016

Glowreeyah Celebrates Her Idol, Cece Winans With Some Emotional Words

Gospel singer Glowreeyah shared a powerful but emotional message on her social media to celebrate her idol, Cece Winans who clocked 52 yesterday....

Here's what she wrote...
Happy cake-day and 52-years young to the beeyooteeful and anointed @cecewinans 
You might never get to see this but i choose to remember this in my own way.

Thank you and your brother Bebe for being my very first influence in gospel music.My girl for all seasons Uche Okonkwo always had her walkman playing your songs on our walks to class and i got curious...She allowed me to listen sometimes and it set me a-wondering.How could they sound so cool,so relatable,so in-sync,so interesting,so in love with God etc? 
All the way from the other side,you gave this-then teenager who was coming to grips with life and seeking her own identity,a necessary alternative!

Your little ripples have made big waves in my life.

Lord knows the hell you must have caught for attempting to break into new frontiers musically but hey...there is a crown for you in glowree and your reward is evident in the hearts and lives of people you've affected positively around the world on God's green earth!

Thank you for being such a beacon of eternal light!

Some say that i look like you.Oh well...if this holds true then what an honour to 🤗. May the God you worship bless you with the blessings of the deep and the dew of the heights!May your labour of love never be in vain!May your incense always be acceptable in the courts of the Most High!

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