Thursday, 6 October 2016

Check Out Today's Brief Bread Featuring Dr. Cynthia James

Here's a brief bread for you from Dr. Cynthia James. Chew and ponder over it, and you'd be filled forever! Check it out after the cut.

Dr. Cynthia James is an international speaker, established author, and christian psychologist.

“More Than A Name: No Greater Physician”
There is nothing incidental about where God places His people. God has an “upper room” experience for us. Despite our situations or circumstances, God has made provision for His people.  You have to learn to wrap your mind around the promise God has for you before you can wrap your hands around it. You can’t override the voice of God, what He has ordained in your life before the foundation of the earth will come to pass. Your preparation will make way for your promise. The enemy will try to attack your mind. When you sense that you are weak, run to a covering and those will intercede for you. What you prepare for others will be a blessing in your life. Your mission is above “see-level” and it won’t make sense to everyone. God will give you a double portion, but you’ve got to seek Him for that “hard thing.”

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