Wednesday, 12 October 2016

An Overdue Woman In Zambia Gave Birth When She Listened To EBEZINA By Preye Odede

Earlier on we got a testimony on how a brother was saved by listening to a short clip by Frank Edwards. Here's another testimony from Preye Odede who has been in Zambia ministering since last week....this one is a real shocker!

He took to his page to share this testimony:
So while we were ministering in Lusaka Zambia on the 7th of October 2016, I was interrupted by an usher who mentioned a lady wanted to give a testimony and I paused then called her up. 
She was pregnant and was long overdue (more than 9month)Doctors were scared she wasn't going to make it and they recommended several local and divers means to for her to be able to have her baby and her life. I'm sure our mothers can relate!  
All they did didn't work and all of a sudden, her sister gave her a song from her phone and that song was "EBEZINA". While she was listening, the baby came out just like that so she decided to call the baby Ebezina.She is alive and her baby is doing very great.  
She decided to send the birth certificate to us.Listen, she didn't understand the meaning of the song, but her miracle came instantly. 
I see God giving you a miracle that you will not be able to explain. Ndola is next this Sunday at the Levy stadium. 🔥🔥God is awesome! #Bulie God is still able and still wiping tears...

Here's the birth certificate:

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